Building Safety

Fire Procedure on Campus

On discovery of a fire:

  • Press the red fire alarm call point until you hear the audible alarm
  • Alert the emergency services by dialling 999 and inform them of the fire and location
  • Go to the nearest emergency exit via the quickest and safest staircase possible
  • Make your way to the building’s assembly point.

Upon hearing the alarm:

  • Make your way quickly and safely to the nearest sign-posted fire exit
  • You should leave your belongings behind and exit the building swiftly and efficiently
  • The escape routes are clearly signposted, which include five staircases to the ground floor
  • Follow the fire wardens’ instructions who will be wearing high-visibility vests
  • Disabled or injured building occupants without the possibility of self-evacuation will be taken to the assembly point by our fire wardens.

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