Building Safety

Fire Procedure on Campus

Actions on Fire Discovery:

  • Activate the nearest fire alarm by pressing the red call point.
  • Dial 999 to inform emergency services and provide the building's location.
  • If trained, use portable fire extinguishers cautiously.
  • Evacuate via the nearest exit and gather at the assembly point.

Actions on Hearing the Fire Alarm (Floor Users):

  • Quickly exit through sign-posted fire exits.
  • Leave belongings behind and refrain from using mobile phones.
  • Follow escape route signs, which may differ from daily entrances/exits.
  • Primary escape routes are internal stairways.
  • Obey Fire Wardens wearing high-visibility vests.
  • Fire Wardens ensure full evacuation, including toilets and unoccupied areas.
  • Confirm building clearance via SMS at the assembly point.
  • Return to the building only when safe, relay information to the assembly point group.

Building Evacuation Procedure:

  • Hosts are responsible for visitors/contractors and inform them of the assembly point.
  • Lecturers ensure students, including those with mobility issues, evacuate.
  • Disabled/injured occupants go to Refuge Point and wait for assistance.
  • Trained staff can use evacuation chairs.
  • In case of a fire alarm, exit immediately except during the weekly test.
  • UONL and the landlord's access-controlled doors should be released automatically.
  • Fire Wardens can advise on the assembly point location.

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