Scholarships and support

UONL provides a range of scholarships and financial support

Top Achievers

Once students have successfully finished their first year of study at UONL, top achievers may be eligible for a Scholarship of £2,000 to be taken off the following Academic Year's tuition fees. 

Each year a number of scholarships are available to our top achievers throughout all programmes and modules. The winners are presented their scholarships during our Top Achievers event which is hosted twice a year. The scholarship is applied to your next academic year's tuition fees.

Attendance Bursary

We provide UONL students with an attendance bursary of £250 each semester (£500 each academic year). To be eligible, students need to attend 90% of their classes and submit all their assignments and exams within the deadlines for each semester.

Hardship Support

We provide a Hardship Fund to support students financially up to £500 per academic year for UONL students who have exhausted all the financial support provided by Student Finance.

Disability Support

We also have a £200 Disability Support Allowance for eligible UONL students to purchase IT equipment.

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