Entry Requirements

Our published entry requirements are a guide only and our decision will be based on our assessment of your overall suitability for the programme. We treat everyone as an individual, which means we will look at your whole application, including any relevant work experience and personal circumstances, as well as your educational qualifications.

Please refer to our programme profiles for specific entry criteria, you can find these here.

Application process

We will normally provide applicants with a response within 3 working days of submission. The whole admissions process usually takes between two to three weeks.

Applications may take longer if they require:

  • an interview
  • an English test
  • additional information
  • additional qualification checks.

If your application is successful and you are not required to take any assessments, you will receive an Unconditional Offer letter followed by additional information about how to start your degree at UONL.

Can I change programme once I've applied?

You can change your programme after you have already completed your university application. You will need to ensure places are still available and you meet the entry requirements for the new programme.

If the new programme requires an interview or audition you will need to attend this before being offered a place. You will need to email our admissions team to change your programme, please email admissions@london.northampton.ac.uk.

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