Whilst we do not have any halls of residence on campus, there is various types of accommodation within easy travelling distance of UONL.

In London there are many different types of Student Accommodation to suit every budget, style and preference. The main types of student accommodation consist of private student halls, house or flat shares, bedsits/studios and lodgings.

Who do you want to live with?

Sharing a house with friends can be brilliant; just take care. Don’t rush into sharing a house with people you don’t know really well. Choose the right people to live with and you’ll have a great time together. Before signing anything, spend time discussing what you all want out of your year as housemates. It’s important to make sure that your lifestyle doesn’t give your housemates cause for complaint.

Which geographical area do you want to live in?

Remember that rent levels vary depending on different factors, such as distance from the city centre and public transport links. Do you want a convenient location for pubs, shops and the campus? Are there good public transport links? Can you get home safely?

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