Studying at UONL

Student life is not only about broadening your knowledge and understanding, it's also about building social skills, confidence and contacts that will help you throughout your professional and personal life.

At UONL, we recognise that our students require not just an excellent learning experience, but one with embedded pastoral care and wraparound student services that have been developed to ensure our students experience support when and how they need it.

Our students are supported from the moment they commence their studies with us, our support is continuous and available at every level of study, right up to graduation and employment.

Studying at UONL

Your Learning

The design of our programme provides the opportunity for our students to enhance their personal and teamwork skills, with the support of our academic experts. Our two days a week lectures (6 hours physical face-to-face on campus, plus 6 hours virtual face-to-face delivered via Zoom) coupled with innovative active learning approach, allows for greater flexibility whilst studying, but also ensures the quality of teaching and support is not compromised.

Each module is delivered through a combination of group lectures and tutorials. In lectures, the main ideas and concepts are presented and in tutorials students form smaller groups for an interactive discussion and analysis of the lecture content.

Resources at UONL

Digital and IT skills have never been more important to careers as organisations and professionals focus on post-covid recovery. Employers are reporting that 28%* of job vacancies in London are hard to fill, and emphasising the need for more advanced IT, problem solving and communication skills.

UONL and its Learning Resource Centre will support you as you develop and transform your these skills.

You will have access to

  • Millions of texts through the digital library.
  • Databases filled with current research into professional practices in your subject area.
  • A digital bookshelf with each of your module textbooks.
  • A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that supplies study material for every class, including: lecture notes, videos, learning activities and more.
  • A computer lab

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) staff will be on hand to help you as you adapt and grow in your skills and confidence with an online helpdesk, guidance videos and class visits.


Pastoral Support / Personal Tutors

All our students are allocated Personal Tutors (PT). The PTs (informally known as ‘Academic Parents’) are permanent academic members of staff who remain with the student throughout their studies, allowing for the bond between the student and academic to develop. Students meet their PT at Welcome Week, spending a day with them smoothing their transition in UONL and building the relationship. During teaching weeks, PTs make frequent visitation to their tutees to check on their progress and are available via email and Zoom as required. Our PTs provide advice on a wide range of areas, covering academic and non-academic issues faced by the tutees, and sign-post students to specialist advice and support where necessary.  Specialist academic support tutors can also be accessed by students facing challenging circumstances, who will work with the student and PT to provide one-to-one study skills support.

Specialist academic support academics can also be accessed by students facing challenging circumstances, who will work with the student and PT to provide one-to-one study skills support.

Student Voice

The voice of our students is important in maintaining our standards and we have different methods in ensuring our students’ feedback is taken on board and acted upon where necessary. UONL conduct both a student experience survey and a module experience survey every trimester. The module experience survey allows our students to provide feedback on the quality of the module delivery, whilst the student experience survey enables our students to feedback on their wider experience including Learning Services provision, Well-being support, Employability Services, their PTs and Learning Resources.

Students can also channel their views through the Student Union (SU), where any issues can be explored collaboratively.


Not only do we ensure you receive an above-average 12 hours of teaching each week but we deliver these across only 2 or 3 days.

All programmes at UONL are delivered through our innovative active learning approach, our students engage with the lectures both physically and virtually via Zoom.

This structure gives our students the flexibility to secure a successful future whilst receiving a first-class education.

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