Students' Union

The voice of our students is extremely important to us.

Welcome to the Students’ Union at UONL! 

If you are a student studying at UONL, you are now a member of University of Northampton Students’ Union. It’s great to have you with us!  

We are an independent charity that supports UONL students on their journey all the way from your first day to graduation and we work with you to make sure that your voice is heard and you are able to get involved in as much extra-curricular opportunity as possible.  

We facilitate and lead on the Programme Rep election process and provide training to these individuals as well as accompanying these individuals to Student Staff Liaison Committees. Become a Programme Rep, tell us what is working and how things could be made better for you!  

You also now have access to our free, independent and confidential Advice Service to help you decide on some options to help you. Worried about something on your programme, your studies or just want to have a private conversation with us? Make an appointment and we will gladly see you.  

To find out more about what we do and how we can support you, please email the UONL Students’ Union at to arrange an appointment:

Students' Union

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